Fan theory- Modern Family is a Married With Children sequel

This is my own speculation, it’s not based on any statements from the creative team or actors or anything.  But I noticed a few things, and the presence of Ed O’Neill playing the family patriarch on both shows helped.

The cast is the big giveaway.  In Married With Children, we’ve got a family consisting of Al and Peg Bundy, and their children Bud and Kelly.  The marriage is rocky, they don’t get along well.  Al constantly dreams of finding a hot wife to replace Peg.  It’s worth noting, though, that when the shit hits the fan, Al is loyal to his family.  Hmm… Crazy ex wife, hot and nice current wife, loyal to his family, and played football in High School?  Sounds like Modern Family’s Jay Pritchett.  Seems you can do well for yourself once you don’t have a crazy person sucking up most of your income.

The kids?  Bud Bundy was bad with women, but constantly seeming to work himself into a parody of hypermasculinity.  While far from universal, or necessarily even common, some people do this to hide being gay.  Bud, if he was such a gay man, once he learned to accept himself could have turned out much like Mitchell Pritchett of Modern Family.

Kelly was a dumb, promiscuous blonde.  On Modern Family, we’ve got Claire Dunphy(neé Pritchett), who is blonde and was implied to have gotten around a bit during high school in an episode where she met up with an old friend.  While Claire shows much greater mental capabilities than Kelly typically did, several episodes of Married With Children implied that Kelly was, fundamentally, brilliant.  She never used or developed her intellect, but it was there.  With the right motivation, she could easily become as intelligent as Claire.

Fanfic writers, I expect the thrilling tale of the Bundys busting up a meth ring and going into witness protection.

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The Doctor and Lorna Bucket

Lorna Bucket from “A Good Man Goes To War” had previously met The Doctor.  Eleven did not remember her, but it’s still unclear if he had forgotten her or had yet to meet her from his perspective.

I think he forgot.

From “A Good Man Goes To War”
Amy- “He’s not a warrior”
Lorna – “Then why is he called The Doctor?”

From “The Night of The Doctor”
Eight- “Make me a warrior”

He proceeds to regenerate into a younger version of the John Hurt Doctor, credited as “The War Doctor”.

Lorna Bucket first encountered The Doctor when he was The War Doctor, perhaps even during the Time War itself.  Perhaps he didn’t shed the persona of The Doctor as thoroughly as “The Night Of The Doctor” implied, even during his time as The War Doctor, and that’s why Elevens faked recounting of their adventures sounded right to Lorna?

6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense) |

6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense) |


World of Warcraft takes place in the Stargate(TV) universe.

First piece of evidence is the bleeding obvious one- Two planets have large ring structures that can transport people and equipment from one to the other essentially instantaneously.

There are also the PvP vendors in Stormwind.  Officially, it’s homage.  But are we so sure?

Sargeras?  Oh, an insanely powerful spiritual being that can possess mortal bodies, like his avatar and oh Medivh?  Anubis.  The bit where he was once a good guy- these are stories of when he manipulated Oma Desala into helping him ascend, and his activities shortly thereafter before he dropped the ruse.  He’s likely not actually affiliated with the Titans at all- or, perhaps, Sargeras never fell to darkness.  His body was stolen to serve as a host to Anubis.  However this connection works, The Burning Legion is an army in the service of Anubis.

The Old Gods – This is what Anubis is after, a power from the dawn of time that is so evil and destructive that the System Lords banned any research into it.  Think about it- why keep going after Azeroth?  Pride, yes, but this is a world with no space program and a Stargate that only connects to one other place, a shattered remnant of Draenor.  It could be bypassed while the Legion takes care of other battles, and then crushed utterly after being denied any possible support.  Pride can still be satisfied.  Anubis needs something, and that something is the power of the Old Gods chained to the world.

There are a few other potential parallels to be drawn, though they tend to be much more debatable as to what part of the Stargate universe corresponds to a given part of the Warcraft universe.

John Hurt and the Cartmel Master Plan

In the late 80’s, Andrew Cartmel developed a plan to reveal The Doctor’s origins.  Only a few bits and pieces of this made it to screen- Sevens “I’m more than just another Time Lord” is likely part of this.

Among other things, this involved revising the story of how the Gallifreyans became the Time Lords.  Originally, it was Rassilon and Omega, Rassilon being more on the political end, Omega being the engineer.  He would have added a third figure, called “The Other”, and at least heavily implied that The Doctor is a future incarnation of this figure.  In some of the novels, Susan Foreman was actually The Other’s granddaughter, and recognized The Doctor as a distant reincarnation of her grandfather.

Eleven talking about how Hurt’s character broke the promise does seem to suggest Hurt is somewhere in advance of the first incarnation, but I’m not convinced it rules this out entirely.  Perhaps he adopted the name “The Doctor” in part as a response to his first incarnations betrayal of what he stood for?  He presumably stood for something even before he adopted the name.  Maybe what Hurt’s character did was part of why he left Gallifrey in the first place?

Madame Kovarian = Omega

Point 1:  The Church forces in “A Good Man Goes To War” use an Omega symbol as part of their unit insignia.

Point 2:  ”The Doctors Wife” revealed that Time Lords can regenerate from male to female and vice versa.

Point 3:  ”Human Nature” introduced the idea that Time Lords can hide as human.  This happened again in “Utopia” and was referenced again in “The Next Doctor”, suggesting that this was not at all unheard of.  Likely uncommonly done, but it doesn’t seem to be particularly novel for a Time Lord.

Point 4:  The Master has shown that Time Lords can both inhabit the bodies of other species, and part of his storyline since the 80s was the idea of gaining new regenerations as an actual Time Lord.  This was confirmed to actually be possible in “The Sound of Drums”.  Apparently, another Time Lord could be killed to provide a new set of regenerations.

Point 5:  Omega has tried, more than once, to escape the antimatter universe he was trapped in, and every time, it was The Doctor that stopped him.  He has it in for our favorite Time Lord.  He’s also tried taking The Doctor’s own identity, copying his body.

So, my theory.  Madame Kovarian is Omega.  He is either inhabiting a human or near-human host, or is on or close to his last regeneration.  Melody/River has two jobs in Omegas plan.  First, is to eliminate Omegas greatest enemy, The Doctor.  The second, is as a new host body that allows Omega to be a full Time Lord once again.  Alternately, a source of energy to grant himself new regenerations.

Why hasn’t The Doctor caught on, having met Kovarian?  Well, the one time he’s known to have met her, time was collapsing.  This could have blunted his senses.  Also, if Omega was inhabiting a cross species host, or had been fobbed, he might not be detectable by a fellow Time Lord.  Also, Omega is from Gallifrey’s ancient history, the very dawn of the Time Lord era.  Billions of years before The Doctor.  The psychic “resonance” or whatever might not have been as strong as it would be for a more modern Time Lord, or might be of a substantially different character.  Also, Omegas time in the antimatter universe might have changed him enough to be undetectable.