Ridiculous tattoo


So, this article came across my radar and WTF people.

Now, to be fair, it’s not the worst face tattoo I’ve seen.  It is, after all, recognizable as a human face.  Not a super strong resemblance to Harry Styles, but it’s fresh and the skin is probably angry right now and some allowance needs to be given for artistic style.

But still, what?  First visible tattoo is of a celebrity?  And it’s on your face?  And you hope to work with him but haven’t yet?

I mean… I’d probably be refused this from most artists and I have 5 tattoos, four visible in the short sleeves I typically wear, one peeks out of most long sleeves, and the fifth is visible in sleeveless tops and partially in some short sleeves.

A face tattoo is serious business.  People will judge you for any visible tattoos, this goes double(at least) for face tattoos.  Most artists will therefore expect you to have at least a few somewhat concealable or socially accepted placements for your first visible tattoos, so you have half a clue what you are getting yourself into.

But it’s Romeo Lacoste, noted glory hound.  I wasn’t a fan of how he oversells the durability of fine linework tattoos, but this?  Give me a gift certificate for him it’s probably going right in the trash.