Car fun

So, my car had serious vibrations- we’re talking wake the dead level vibration- past 65mph. Never went past maybe 63ish due to this. Figured it was the front end alignment I’ve put off fixing for too long.

Nope. Apparently, the rear tires were the primary cause of vibration. I let those tires go months past when a tire guy said they should be replaced like next week.

Got them replaced last week, and coming home from my parents yesterday, I was keeping pace with the car in front of me, glanced at the speedometer, I was at 80. No vibration.

Slowed down to 65 and hit cruise control. A bit later on I accelerated to 70 to see if the earlier vibration free speed was a fluke, again, no vibration.  New tires is the only change since the last time I had the vibration issue.

So yeah.  The tire guy who said hte rear tires needed replacement, was right and I should have prioritized that more.  Still need to fix the alignment.