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Ancient Aliens on Reptilians.

They talk about various traits that sometimes show up in humans that appear to be reptilitan in origin.  Not one scientist mentions potential terrestrial origins of the features.
The first thing- Well, genetics sometimes goes wrong.  Our DNA replication infrastructure is quite good, but it isn’t perfect and it can be damaged after replication.

The second, well, we descend from a common ancestor with reptiles.  Even if these traits are throwbacks to our evolutionary history, have we really ruled out the possibility that they are actually basal Reptiliomorpha traits?  If they are, there might be a slim chance enough of the DNA has stuck around for an occasional atavistic trait to appear.

This is not obscure science that a sincere research might reasonably have missed.  In principle, if the alien hypothesis of these traits origins is true, these issues might be overcome.  But they have to be acknowledged, and the explanation of why these issues are not in play must be presented if you really want your argument to be taken seriously.

Of course, this isn’t their real argument, their real argument is that entertainment and annoying 15th rate bloggers will make History Channel money.

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Pidge to a trans woman

This is Pidge, from the Netflix reboot of Voltron.  Pidge is special to me, and here’s why.  Putting the body behind a cut because it’s not a first minute reveal, though it is S1.


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Star Trek: Beyond Enterprise Destruction

Thinking back on it, destroying the Enterprise early in Star Trek: Beyond was a brilliant move that really helped sell the themes. All that stuff about standing by each other, and valuing your crew above all else- it really supported the “stronger together” theme brilliantly. I don’t think that would have worked nearly as well had Enterprise survived in salvageable condition. And they eventually beat the Swarm through low tech(even by our standards) radio broadcasts(and then Krall through low tech fists). It’s not the technology, it’s the people using it.
Seriously, if those trailers were meant to really give you an idea what the movie was like… the trailer guy needs to be fired. If they were meant to avoid spoilers at all costs… the trailer guy should probably get an award.
I’m hoping they find a way to bring the Borg in soon. They’d be a great followup to the strong themes of unity that Beyond had. Show that while unity is great, it can be taken too far.
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The Last Ship Season 3

Ok, just finished “The Last Ship” Season 3.
The issue it had with seemingly randomly killing off women to motivate the men evened out a bit- men died to do this, and not just the crew. I’d still call overreliance on this trope a negative, but it did lessen somewhat. And that lessenening allowed for what the show does well to shine.
Some of my hopes with where Chandlers arc would go were realized, at least partially. He’s not a divine archetype of perfection- he didn’t just make a few tactical errors convenient to the plot this season. Seasons 4 and 5 are where we’ll have to see the payoff on this. A good direction is set up at least.
Don’t expect a particularly balanced view of the military- this is the military at its best(likely why they get so much help from the real US Navy). So much so that in the real military of any nation, you’d never see this. It is nice, though, as an ideal to aspire to even if in reality it would always be a bit out of reach. There is a place for highly realistic shades of grey(and a few do make it into this show), but there’s also a place for more pure heroism in our stories and it’s a pity that such stories have been pushed so far out of our cultural consciousness.
I do hope to see it explicitly noted that an Australian has been crucial to saving America. Several times now. And something on the immunes that have to exist in other countries- especially Japan.  If the 5% rate mentioned earlier holds, there should be somewhere north of 6 million Japanese Immunes.  And after this season, holy shit will they be PISSED(watch the season if you want to know why, or maybe I’ll write a more spoilery review behind a cut).
The cliffhanger was much less pronounced than earlier seasons.  Not a cliffhanger ending so much as leaving a few story threads they can pick up in later seasons.  Hell, this could have served as a series finale if they hadn’t gotten the S4 pickup.

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Stirling Boat

Since watching a few videos about the Stirling Engine, I’ve had a thought to build one. But what to power with it?

A boat.  I could heat the top with sunlight.  Paint it black for maximum heating, materials chosen to hold as much heat as possible.

The cold end would be flush with the hull.  Possibly even a finned heat sink like you’d use on a computer, with the fins extending below the hull(probably with a shield open on the ends to let water through for cooling while protecting the fins from impacts). Especially once you get moving, this should provide fairly effective cooling of your cold end.

Not sure how practical it would be to build something to transport people and/or cargo, but a small model should be feasible.

This boat wouldn’t work too well at night, though if there’s a warm front coming through while the water is still cold you might get a bit of power, though if you’d take this thing far from shore you’d want backup oars or materials to build a fire on the top plate.

I’ll look into the feasibility of this over the weekend, and maybe put together a parts list soon if it looks buildable(and I can get access to a large enough body of water to test whatever I build, if it’s not small enough to test in a bathtub.

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Japanese Emperor divine ancestry?

Had a random thought.

The Emperors of Japan stopped claiming divine ancestry under pressure of the US occupation force after World War II.  Had the United States not pushed the issue, and had the guns to force the issue if it came to that, it would not have happened.

While the fact that it happened in another country might make it technically legal for the US to have done that(by domestic law- I don’t know nearly enough about relevant international law to judge)… that’s a pretty serious violation of at least the spirit of the free exercise clause.  Forcing this on an entire country.

Now, Japan appears to be OK with it these days, still, even by our own law we shouldn’t have done it.