Pidge to a trans woman

This is Pidge, from the Netflix reboot of Voltron.  Pidge is special to me, and here’s why.  Putting the body behind a cut because it’s not a first minute reveal, though it is S1.


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Conference speaker diversity

So the atheist movement has a problem with speakers at conferences being disproportionately white men, and maybe a couple white women thrown in if you’re lucky. I’m sure isolated counterexamples could be found, but it’s an issue I see a lot of people complaining about, and a lot of jackasses defending on stupid grounds.
Of the 10 announced speakers for Skepticon 9, only two are white men and one of those is trans. One black man, one black woman, the rest white women.
If previous years are any indication, the final list will be just as diverse, they aren’t just holding back to drop all the white men on us in one big shot.
This can’t be all that hard a problem to solve if a conference that doesn’t pay speakers fees(though they do cover travel and lodging) can make it work.

The Free Speech implications of Dawkins being disinvited from NECSS

BREAKING: Grand Jury Brings No Charges Against Officers in Tamir Rice Shooting | Mediaite

Source: BREAKING: Grand Jury Brings No Charges Against Officers in Tamir Rice Shooting | Mediaite

This is ridiculous.
Tamir posed no actual threat.
Granted, the officers might have thought he did, and they didn’t get the full report from the 911 dispatcher, but here’s what they probably should have done.
Approach, figure out whatever direction Tamir would be most likely to hurt innnocent bystanders if he fired. Park maybe 20 feet away in that direction. Kill the engine, get on the loudspeaker and order Tamir to drop the weapon and put his hands up.
Given the reality of the situation, Tamir would have dropped the gun, put his hands up, and then the officers could yell at him a bit for waving the gun around and scaring people and all would be well.
And in the bizzarro world where Tamir was a threat, they’d be safe, they’d have protected innocent bystanders, and with a little distance they’d have time to possibly come up with a plan to bring him in alive.
Nearly running him over and opening fire before the door is even fully open should be reserved as a desperation move to take down someone ALREADY FIRING. That strategy removed the possibility of taking him alive, put the responding officers and anyone missed shots or richochets might hit at additional risk. This was an utter failure of an idea under these circumstances no matter how you look at it.
Those cops should be fired for incompetence. Then, if there was no evidence they were out to kill when they got the call, second degree murder charge, first degree if there was such evidence. They were incredibly reckless at best.
This grand jury is bullshit.

Skepticon Q&A drama

I was meaning to look up the video from Mizzou that had that assault happen, and watch the Skepticon Q&A with the journalist who made it, to see what all the drama was about so I could judge for myself.

Might have to put that off to when I have more time and aren’t just coming off being sick.

There does seem to be some of the general anti-SJ regressives just reflexively attacking Skepticon, but there’s also some of that pushback that sounds a lot like “you can’t criticize that guy he’s autistic”… Yeah, no. If you know someone is autistic, sure, that should probably guide how you deliver your criticism, but if they do wrong they do wrong and should not be beyond criticism. If someone is high functioning enough to do a public Q&A, they are probably functional enough to be held accountable for misconduct. Bitching about the criticism and not engaging at all with the content or even tone of said criticism really sounds like you are saying otherwise. And that’s a problem.

Still need to check out the relevant videos, just some of the criticism that has gone out is pretty much crap.

BREAKING: Judge Says Cause Exists To Arrest Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice For Murder | ThinkProgress

BREAKING: Judge Says Cause Exists To Arrest Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice For Murder | ThinkProgress.

Even looking at this from a standpoint of assuming the cops reasonably thought Tamir was a threat, they still fucked up.

What they should have done is parked the car a bit away, yelled the warning without the engine noise or sirens possibly interfering, and taken cover behind the car just in case Tamir fired on them.

That would have almost certainly lead to Tamir surviving, possibly getting yelled at for being careless in showing off the toy gun but surviving, and even in the bizarro world where the gun was real and he was a threat, would have kept the cops and innocent bystanders safe.

Almost running him over and firing before the door is even completely open is stupid however you look at it.  If he was *already* shooting at people maybe a crazy stunt like that would make sense, but he wasn’t.

It might be debatable whether first degree murder should apply, but certainly second degree would IMO.

I try to give cops some leeway- if they hold fire too long in a situation where they do need to shoot someone, innocent people die just as surely as when they fire too quickly.  It’s a balance, and imperfect humans will never get it right 100% of the time.  But even giving them as much credit as possible, there’s just no way they were remotely in the right.  AT BEST they were incredibly reckless to the point a second degree murder charge, for depraved indifference to human life, should apply- or whatever the equivalent charge is under Ohio law.  And that’s reckless even if it could be established that they reasonably believed Tamir to be a threat, and that appears to be quite a stretch.

Petition seeks to strip Caitlyn Jenner of Olympic medals

Petition seeks to strip Caitlyn Jenner of Olympic medals.

This is dumb.

Trans people not lucky enough to get on puberty blockers as kids develop anatomical structures matching their assigned gender(excpetions for some intersex and hormone related conditions that are sometimes also present, but that’s not the case here).  Their skeletal structure, size, and musculature, all the things relevant to athletic competition, are standard issue for their birth assigned gender.

Unless they can come up with a scientifically supported argument that being a closeted transwoman gave her an advantage, and that either she knew this at the time(you might be able to argue cheating on this count), or that the advantage was so huge that no man could possibly overcome it(not just that they failed to, which is a matter of historical fact, but that they couldn’t), there’s simply no argument here.  She earned her medals.  Want to say otherwise- show the research.  The biochemistry showing more efficient calorie use, the stats on transwomen defeating men in athletic competition, show some *actual data*.

My expectation that such an advantage would ever be shown to exist… Well, about as close to zero as they can get.  Literally the only reason I don’t say zero is that I’ve been wrong in the past.