Autobiographical playlist

So, I’ve got an autobiographical playlist in iTunes.  At some point I may explain some of the reasoning, but as it stands now, here is the list:

  1. The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
  2. Pet Shop Boys – It’s a Sin
  3. Meridian – Masquerade(Possession Mix)
  4. Switchblade Symphony – Wallflower
  5. VNV Nation – Legion
  6. VNV Nation – The Farthest Star
  7. Beborn Beton – Another World
  8. The Crüxshadows – Birthday
  9. Scott Brown – Hold Me Forever
  10. Kanye West & Jay Z – No Church In The Wild(Featuring Frank Ocean)

Why yes, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in goth clubs, why do you ask?



Job search/budgeting

Oh, I got a call that I’m moving on to the second interview with Macy’s. Basically, the way they do things, they have the initial interview, then an interview with the department head.

Getting past the first is, of course, not a sure thing, but it’s certainly a good sign. Even if this job doesn’t work out, it at least shows that I’m not total crap at job interviews- which is important. You could be the perfect candidate, if you interview poorly, you don’t get the job.

Also doing budgeting work. Utilities I’m looking at $200/mo. This is more or less a guess from looking at what my parents pay. The big wildcard is water. We have a well that serves the park, so we don’t have a bill for that. Well, my parents do, when a pump or a pipe breaks. But not for the water itself. I should look up to get some more specifics in the utility budget.

Rent I’m assuming $300. This is plausible within a reasonable commute of the mall for a studio. There are places less than that, even in the city, but I get a sketchy vibe about them- some of the outside pictures make me not even want to see what the inside is like. And having first hand experience unfucking some of the “repairs” done to rental properties, I think I’ll trust my instincts on this. I’ll send the rent budget up if I get close enough to walk to work or utilities included.

Phone will be $45/mo, if I have to, I can drop back to a regular TracFone and spend about 20 or even less. I’m having trouble finding ISP quotes without a specific address, which I can’t provide or even throw in a plausible one. I can probably find some info on third party ISP review sites.

Food I’m still a bit lost on.  Gas I need to work out, I could look at an upper range for commuting distance and go with that, the math won’t be too hard.

Computer Networking

Started a Computer Networking course at Coursera.  This isn’t a network technician course, this is more of a theory course, explaining how they work.  To use a car analogy, CompTia Network + is like learning to change the oil on your car.  This Computer Networks course is more about learning to design a combustion chamber inside the engine.

That said, this should have a lot of knowledge useful to a Network+ or a Cisco cert… which will be useful things for job searches.  

Right now, I’m workign through the basics of sockets.  The associated text has a simple file transfer application used as an example.  It’s in C, which I don’t really know well, but it’s simple enough to follow along with.  

Current Coursera courses

Got two courses going at the moment. One is “Introduction to Systematic Program Design Part 1” through University of British Columbia.  This is primarily a design course- not how to put nuts and bolts together, but where and when to use your nuts and bolts to get whatever you are building to stay together.  The language used is Beginning Student Language(BSL), a dialect of Racket, which itself is a dialect of Scheme, which is a dialect of LISP.  Which is a dialect of “parenthese-ese”.  Functional programming, prefix notation, lack of mutation, side effects, all that fun stuff.

The other is from Stanford, “Startup Engineering”.  It’s about building a tech startup.  Some software engineering, how to do that for the purposes of a startup, some on actually getting the business side off the ground.  I have a few vague ideas on projects I could do as the core of a startup, though I’m not sure my tech skills are quite there.  That said, the knowledge could be useful if/when I get to that point.  The tech stack is HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.  Which I’ve really wanted to work on anyways, so that’s good.