Warlords of Draenor Druid Changes – Guides – Wowhead

Warlords of Draenor Druid Changes – Guides – Wowhead.

I’ll probably dig through this in detail at some point, but the single biggest buff to Druids in the history of WoW is being reverted.

Innervate will be Restoration only in WoD.

Of course, Innervate is far less important than it was back when it was made baseline.  Back then, due to innervate, you pretty much couldn’t raid as any sort of Druid other than Restoration.  It wouldn’t have mattered if you could out-tank or out-DPS everyone else in your guild, you raided as resto.  Period.  Innervate was that important.

Making it baseline didn’t fix everything with Druids, not even close.  But it at least allowed for Druid players to really push the other parts of the class to their limits and find out where the problems were, so that Blizzard could get decent feedback to be used in fixing them.

Now, though, Innervate is a big pile of “meh”.  So the reversion really isn’t a big deal.


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