LED display salvage

Managed to work out the pinout on some salvaged LED displays. Slightly odd ones, two normal 7 segment digits, one that’s a 2 segment but both segments are wired together and can’t be used separately. So they can display 0 – 199.

I actually need 3 digits to cover all the common dice ranges for Dungeons and Dragons(various even numbers from 4 through 100), so one of these will prove very nice and I might try to source more rather than use full 3 digit displays. I also need a regular 2 digit display for the same project, my second one of these should work well enough for prototyping.


Ridiculous tattoo


So, this article came across my radar and WTF people.

Now, to be fair, it’s not the worst face tattoo I’ve seen.  It is, after all, recognizable as a human face.  Not a super strong resemblance to Harry Styles, but it’s fresh and the skin is probably angry right now and some allowance needs to be given for artistic style.

But still, what?  First visible tattoo is of a celebrity?  And it’s on your face?  And you hope to work with him but haven’t yet?

I mean… I’d probably be refused this from most artists and I have 5 tattoos, four visible in the short sleeves I typically wear, one peeks out of most long sleeves, and the fifth is visible in sleeveless tops and partially in some short sleeves.

A face tattoo is serious business.  People will judge you for any visible tattoos, this goes double(at least) for face tattoos.  Most artists will therefore expect you to have at least a few somewhat concealable or socially accepted placements for your first visible tattoos, so you have half a clue what you are getting yourself into.

But it’s Romeo Lacoste, noted glory hound.  I wasn’t a fan of how he oversells the durability of fine linework tattoos, but this?  Give me a gift certificate for him it’s probably going right in the trash.

The Last Ship battleship

So in The Last Ship an Iowa class battleship shows up fighting for the bad guys.
Now, given the fall of global civilization that came before this point, losing track of a battleship is actually plausible. Could have come loose from its moorings and drifted and been recovered perhaps?
That said, I’d expect the first thing the Navy would do would be to check on which Iowas were accounted for, and prepare a report on any quirks of that unit, such as any mission specific hardware that was installed her sister ships did not receive.
But there has been no mention of this. Just dialog that it’s a battleship, a display claiming ID as an Iowa class, that’s it.
Realistically, given the timeline involved, it’s probably the USS Iowa. The others were museum ships by the time of the show, so probably moored too tightly, and with too much necessary equipment pulled out to be reactivated by anyone save *possibly* the United States.  While Iowa would not be easy to reactivate, it might have been possible.  And Iowa would have been in San Diego when shit went down, accounting for the Columbian fleet having to traverse the Panama Canal.

Python multiprocessing adventures

Trying to figure out some multiprocessing code from last night.
As one would expect, the single thread code maxes out a single core and the other three(it’s a dual core HT chip) are very lightly loaded with random background crap.
For multiprocessing, the average load per core is in between the peak vs low cores for the single, and it close to the same for all four. Basically what you’d expect to see with smaller tasks spread around.
RAM usage remains flat, or too close to flat for Ubuntus System Monitor to notice a difference.
But, the runtime is about .8s longer. Less stress on CPU cores and same stress on RAM and it takes longer.
Hmm. Some work to do on optimizing the algorithm.

F-15 Strike Eagle II weirdness

F-15 Strike Eagle II is not particularly realistic. This is to be expected to some extent for any flight sim from the period targeting the hardware it did, but not in the ways I’ve found.
I just ran a Vietnam War scenario. First problem, the F-15 wasn’t in service. And the E variant wasn’t for quite a while after. Anyways, assume I’m in a prototype secretly deployed.
A prototype F-15E capable of carrier operations. A carrier which I sunk immediately and shot down the CAP. No friendly response.
I then blow up four land based airfields, shoot down three F-18s(apparently top secret prototypes get deployed in squadron strength), a half dozen F-4’s, land on the rubble strewn empty field that used to be an airbase… and my pilot is not immediately kicked out, nor did I have USAF or USN pilots coming for me.

Now, I did get docked about 1700 of 1700 points I had earned from hitting enemy targets for a grand total of zero, but I should have been thrown in the brig with an “accidental” discharge of the guards weapon “tragically” ending my life before trial.  And that assumes I survived having every USAF, USN, and South Vietnamese air force unit on my ass.

Bad OK Cupid question

OK Cupid has an annoying question I might unanswer. “For you personally, is abortion an option for unintended pregnancy”.
Given my current and likely perpetual inability to get pregnant*, this question is an automatic no. It cannot be an option for me if I can’t get pregnant, that’s just how reality works.
But I have a sense they were asking for more of a moral stance, not thinking of how the wording technically means that huge numbers of the most enthusiastic pro choice and even pro abortion have to answer no.
I’m probably being too literal with the question but it really annoys me.
* There have been some recent successes with transplanted uteruses(uteri?), but this is unlikely to be fully mature and ready for trans people before I’m just too old to safely do this. But I do sort of expect I’ll live to see the first nonintersex trans women who get to give birth.

USS Franklin Timeline Justified

Star Trek: Beyond introduced the first Warp 4 capable ship operated by Earth, the USS Franklin.  This ship and it’s known canon timeline appear to pose some challenges.  Why is its registry number so high compared to later NX ships?  Where was she during the Xindi crisis?  Why, for a ship that predated the last holdouts joining United Earth, does she bear a United Federation of Planets dedication plaque?

I think those issues can be fairly easily resolved.  Not relying on word of god statements, just on filmed evidence and knowledge of relevant real world science and engineering and history.

Her launch was some time prior to the construction of NX-01 Enterprise.  This is where I think I can solve the registry number issue. Perhaps Franklin was commissioned under a different prefix?  Maybe that XCV that shows up in a couple places in canon.  She’s built, doing her thing, and with construction of Enterprise ready to start… Starfleet wants to test the Warp 5 engine in a real ship prior to the NX class proper, just to be sure.  So Franklin is transferred to the NX program, being reregistered from XCV-326 to NX-326.  There is precedent in the US Navy, sometimes ships are reclassified and the hull number prefix changes.  The WWII era USS Essex was CV-9, CVA-9, and CVS-9 after various refits and role changes.  This is trivial.

Now, why was she not as fast as Enterprise in this scenario?  Well, it’s more than the engine.  For a real world example, the Pontiac Aztek and the fifth generation Grand Am GT share an engine.  The Aztek tops out at 108mph, the Grand Am can hit 130.  Now, granted, this is where the governor kicks in and doesn’t let you go faster, but the governors are set up that way because that’s what the cars can safely handle.  With the same engine.  Franklin could easily be slower than Enterprise.  Or it could have been a slightly earlier version of the engine and then there’s not even the appearance of an issue.

And now we come to where the hell was she during the Xindi crisis?  Well, Enterprise is in the Delphic expanse.  Columbia is expected to be deployed there immediately if she’s completed in time(If you recall, there was brief speculation that the time displaced Enterprise was Columbia).  *Someone* has to be checking in on various Earth colonies and outposts, and barring Enterprise and possibly other conversions, Franklin was probably the fastest ship in the fleet.  She’d be all over the goddamned place dealing with all the random crap that happens in episodes of most Trek series.  Not a problem at all here.

And then- Why was she serving past the retirement of NX-01 Enterprise, a supposedly more advanced ship, which was mission capable at time of retirement?  Well, the B-52 is still the backbone of the United States Air Force bomber forces, with much reduced roles for the B-1 and B-2, and other “more modern” bombers such as the B-58 have been retired entirely.  Franklin may have been more reliable/cheaper to operate while providing “good enough” capability, relative to the NX class.

Lastly, the transfer from the United Earth Starfleet to the United Federation of Planets Starfleet is likely the event which warranted a new dedication plaque. Perhaps it was just done.  Perhaps UESF remained(the UESPA certainly did over a century later) in existence, so a Federation Starfleet ship retaining a UESF plaque would be inappropriate.

Now, a lot of this is speculation, but I think it’s reasonably grounded in known canon and real world precedents of the sort Star Trek is already known to follow since 1966.

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